Daniel Fast with Dave

The Final Episode.

So sad for this little project to be over, but we blew it up with a great final episode, rocking some delicious Asian fusion cuisine that’s both Daniel fast friendly and AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Friendly.  Tune in for the final ep. and learn yourself something good.

Daniel Fast with Dave Ep.2

Tacos made out of What?: Fresh Mex, Daniel Fast style!

Join Dave this week as he throws down some of his south of the border favorites in this episode of DFWD. We’re making a Killer Guac recipe that will knock your socks off, Mango Salsa, Some Boracho Black Beans, and some very unconventional tacos that will definitely impress you.  So sit back, relax, and be prepared to be hungry and inspired to try these simple recipes out for yourself! Subscribe to ChefDave at youtube for more awesomeness to come!

Only 1 Episode left of Anime Gataris: But wait! There’s MORE!!!

Those of you that have followed the cast of Anime Gataris and myself on Twitter this season of have been wonderful, and while this show is drawing to a close, we just don’t want it to be over yet. The twists and turns, the complete obliteration of the 4th wall, the utter relatability has made this show one close to my heart and hope to yours as well.

If you’re in the same boat as us, you want one more episode!

Well we may not be able to work that out but we can do one better. I’ll be throwing a dinner party for the entire cast of Anime Gataris and we’re going to chat about the whole experience live, in character, taking the small pieces of the broken 4th wall and vaporizing them in a never before seen interactive experience of anime and real life colliding in the real world.

Don’t miss our live periscope at our own production team wrap party JANUARY 27th at 7:00pm CST. where the director, cast and characters of anime Gataris will answer your questions and interact as we give you the grand finale you deserve!

Watch the live stream here!

Fast and Furious

Looking to start the new year off right with some healthy options? My latest 3 part video series will help you with some fast, fun, and easy recipes to help you eating good while either fasting or choosing a healthier lifestyle! Join us each week on Sunday as we release a new episode of Daniel Fast with Dave, covering some of my favorite recipes to cook for the fam! Watch it Here FIRST!

Joining the Black Bulls

I’m so incredibly stoked to announce that I’ll be joining the cast of Black Clover as Gauche Adlai. It’s a true honor to be part of such an awesome show with such incredible talent. With the incomparable Cris George at the helm, it’s sure to be an instant classic!

Tune in Here to watch episodes of Black Clover!


New Beginnings For Trosko:

My time in #StudioG has ended and I start a new chapter in Studio D, several footsteps away from the magical spot where shows like “Seven Mortal Sins” and “My First Girlfriend is a Gal” were dubbed.


I’m thrilled to announce a change of pace this season, a departure from the TV-MA material I’ve grown so accustomed to. I’m pleased to be directing “Anime Gataris”: a show that honors anime and anime fans of all types. This project feels like a “For Us By Us” kinda show, with several references and Easter eggs spanning the the episodes from the entire “Anime Cannon” over the years.

I look forward to the fan response, hopefully it’s positive! We’ve assembled an extremely talented cast of Anime Fans and Voice Actor veterans to deliver the best sounding dub possible! “Anime Gataris” will be a treat for any anime fan, it has every element of a “Classic” anime along with some tongue and cheek references that will have you laughing for more. Let’s just say… It’s super META.

Join us for live tweeting and questions answered on Twitter @Davetrosko #StudioD #AnimeGataris every Saturday at 3:00p CT.

Watch Anime Gataris Here!!!


Fall time for Führer

Dave Trosko to play Rinehart Heydrich in Funimation’s Simuldub of “Dies Irae”.

This fall, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join the cast of “Dies Irae” as Rinehart Heydrich. The show airs Oct. 24th on the Funimation now app, tune in on twitter @davetrosko #DiesIrae for live tweets during the first broadcast. It’s been a blast so far, can’t wait to see what else this season brings! Stay tuned! 

Panels Panels Panels!

It’s what 3-4 of you all have been waiting for:

A full list of panels is now available on DaveTrosko.com. Are you a fan looking to meet Dave at a local convention in 2018? Are you a Convention Representative considering adding Dave to your Guest line up? Al your questions and more can now be found on the Appearances Page.

Check out Dave’s full list of Available Panels Here!!

If you’re a fan and any of these panels tickle your fancy, email your local convention and request me as a guest! Send ’em a link to this page too, there’s lots of pretty pictures to click on. They’ll love you for it.  Appearances

Karaoke Party Live Aug 7th 10:30pm

Join the Funimation Night Crew and Friends as we Sing it out!

This coming Monday the Night time Funi crew, some of your favorite voice actors, and myself will be going to engage in some hard core Karaoke at a local Dive bar. This as been a long time coming but I’m super excited to get the group together! It’ll be the start of what promises to be an excellent Birthday week for me as I’ll be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my 29th Birthday this coming Wednesday. Check out the Live feed on Periscope and Twitter as we sing throughout the night, make song suggestions, ask questions, Join in the Party! It will be an event you wont want to miss!