New Beginnings For Trosko:

My time in #StudioG has ended and I start a new chapter in Studio D, several footsteps away from the magical spot where shows like “Seven Mortal Sins” and “My First Girlfriend is a Gal” were dubbed.


I’m thrilled to announce a change of pace this season, a departure from the TV-MA material I’ve grown so accustomed to. I’m pleased to be directing “Anime Gataris”: a show that honors anime and anime fans of all types. This project feels like a “For Us By Us” kinda show, with several references and Easter eggs spanning the the episodes from the entire “Anime Cannon” over the years.

I look forward to the fan response, hopefully it’s positive! We’ve assembled an extremely talented cast of Anime Fans and Voice Actor veterans to deliver the best sounding dub possible! “Anime Gataris” will be a treat for any anime fan, it has every element of a “Classic” anime along with some tongue and cheek references that will have you laughing for more. Let’s just say… It’s super META.

Join us for live tweeting and questions answered on Twitter @Davetrosko #StudioD #AnimeGataris every Saturday at 3:00p CT.

Watch Anime Gataris Here!!!


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