Only 1 Episode left of Anime Gataris: But wait! There’s MORE!!!

Those of you that have followed the cast of Anime Gataris and myself on Twitter this season of have been wonderful, and while this show is drawing to a close, we just don’t want it to be over yet. The twists and turns, the complete obliteration of the 4th wall, the utter relatability has made this show one close to my heart and hope to yours as well.

If you’re in the same boat as us, you want one more episode!

Well we may not be able to work that out but we can do one better. I’ll be throwing a dinner party for the entire cast of Anime Gataris and we’re going to chat about the whole experience live, in character, taking the small pieces of the broken 4th wall and vaporizing them in a never before seen interactive experience of anime and real life colliding in the real world.

Don’t miss our live periscope at our own production team wrap party JANUARY 27th at 7:00pm CST. where the director, cast and characters of anime Gataris will answer your questions and interact as we give you the grand finale you deserve!

Watch the live stream here!

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