There’s nothing Dave love’s more than meeting fans!

Well maybe a few things like pizza, whiskey, and fancy dinner parties. But still, he loves meeting the people that make what he does for a living so much fun! Here’s the current list of conventions that Dave will be gracing with his presence in the coming future

Con-Alt-Del – Dec. 15-17 Chicago

SauceyCon– Feb. 16-18 Kansas City

SausomeCon– Jul. 6-8 Kansas City

For a List of Available Panels visit Dave’s Panel Page Here!


Are you a Fan?

Reach out via email to your local convention and let them know you’d like to meet Dave and participate in all of his shenanigans and send them a link to this page!

Are you a Representative from a convention?

Looking to book Dave for an appearance? There are several ways to get a hold of him personally but his main zookeepers are:

The Scarlet Abbey Booking

CN Bookings



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